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Rajaji National Park comprises of 819.54 sq. km. as core zone and 255.63 sq. km as buffer zone is located in the picturesque hills of shiwalik range and opens up into the Indo-Gangetic plains of the Uttarakhand Satet. Being the North-Westrean most limit of discribution of endangered species like Tiger, Asian Elephant, Great Pied Hornbill and King cobra; Chilla Rajaji National Park has immense conservation value. It Constitutes on important part of the Terai- Arc Landscape ( 7500 sq. km.) between Yamuna River in North-West and sharda River in The Sounth-East. It is also an important entity of the shiwalik Elephant Reserve.

There is an intersting anedote behind the creation of Chilla Rajaji National Park, in 1948 when C. Rajgopalchari, the first Indian Governor Genral, visited Dehradun, he was invited for a hunting expedition to the shooting block of the erstwhile Dehradun Forest Division. On seeing the pristine forest teeming with wildlife, the Governor General refused to hunt and and instead suggested that the area must be set aside for the conservation of forest and wildlife. This eventually led to the formation of rajaji Wildlife Sanctuary; Named so in honour of C. Rajagopalachari fondly known as 'Rajaji'.

In 1983, the Rajaji Wildlife Sanctuary was upgraded to the status of a National Park with the amalgamation of Chilla and Motichur Wildlife Sanctuary along with same forest areas of West Dehradun, East Dehradun,Shiwalik and Lansdowne Forest Division. On 14 September 2015 the boundaries of Rajaji National Park Haridwar declared as Rajaji Tiger Reserve. The river Ganga Divides the National Park into two parts as it flows for about 24km through the park. Rajaji National Park Safari Booking

Tigers in Rajaji National park Haridwar Jungle Safari

Chilla Rajaji National Park is second tiger reserve in Uttarakhand after Jim Corbett and home to myriad species of animals like Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, leopard, sloth bear, Himalayan Black Bear, King Cobra, Jackal, Barking Deer, sambhar, goral to name a few and much More.

Birds in Rajaji National Park Haridwar Bird Watching

Along with the animals, there are more than 300 to 350+ species of birds both resident and migratory including great pied hornbill, pied kingfisher, fire tailed sunbird, kingfisher, pheasants and barbers along with several other aviary species are found in Rajaji Region.

Safari in Chilla Rajaji National Park Tiger Reserve Safari Tour

Chilla Rajaji National Park, covering over 820 sq km in the forested foothills near Haridwar, was declared a Sanctualey in 1983 & a Rajaji National Park Haridwar in 1989 and now the 48th Tiger Reserve of Indian in 2015, having about 32 of the striped cats within its boundaries. Rajaji National Park Safari Booking

On 20th April, 2015 is now become an important day in Chilla Rajaji National Park history. Finally Center Government notified on 15th April 2015 Rajaji as 48th Tiger Reserve of India, and 2nd Tiger Reserve (1st is Jim Corbett) of Uttarakhand State.

In todays programme at Chilla Range, all the Forest Officials, Wild life officials, Tour operator were present. The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Sh. Harish Rawat declared Rajaji National Park Haridwar as Rajaji Tiger Reserve. The new logo of Rajaji in this occassion displayed. Every one appreciate the effort of some of wild life officier of Rajaji as their efforts got success today. On this occassion new declared extented area of Rajaji Tiger Reserve become 1075.17 Sq. Km. previously it was 820 Sq. Km.

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Mission of Rajaji National Park Haridwar

Faunal Biodiversity Of Rajaji

Rajaji hums with life, It is more one of the most diverse range of wildlife habitats in the country. A total of 49 species of mammals are know to be present here, including the asian elephent and the Tiger Which are highly endangered species. One may get to watch a heard of Elephants roaming majestically in the jungle or even a Tiner picking its way through the tall grass or the visitor may get excited by various kinds of wilflife including cheetal, Sambhar, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, Langur, Monitor Lizard, Leopard, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Sloth Bear, Python, Civet Cat and even King-Cobra. A vast variety of winged delights include pea Fowl, Jungle Fowl, Kaleej Pheasant, Hornbill, Woodpecker, Thrush, Kingfisher, Parakeet, Warbler, Barbet, Finch, India Roller, Oriole and thelist goes on ....

However, the most chaeacterstic Himalayan mammal of this tract is the Goral ( Mountain Goat), confined to cliffs and precipitous hills of Rajaji Tiger Sighting in most dought after in Rajaji, but since the density of tiger per sq. km is low, sighting of the royal predator is a matter of chance. The Visitors can sigh jungle cat, Leopard and leopard Cat aldo.

Rajaji is home to 315 bird species belonging to 57 families. Out of the total species 89 are migrants, 145 resident, 53 altitudinal migrants, 8 local migrants and status of 18 is unknown, which include birds like White-Napped Woodpecker, Lesser spotted Eagle, northen Goshawk, Etc. Chilla Rajaji National Park has also got spawning habital of Mahseer in Song, Suswa and the ganges river, Dolphins and Crocodiles are found in Ganga while the tortoise are found in the Song, Suswa and the ganga rivers and Various Raus that flow Through the Park.

In rajaji some unique butterflies like the Orchid Tit, Spot Swordtail, Common Blue Bottle, Common Nawab Small Grass Yellow, Indian Oak Blue, Blue and Striped Tiger, Striped Blue Crow, Lemon pansy and Lemon Emigrant can be seen fluttering around the small streams and bushes. Book Your Rajaji national Park Safari

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